What is a Travel Insight Session about? 

When traveling your habits are in flux due to being in new places and away from your usual influences. Meeting people who demonstrate very different ways of living creates a strong contrast to your usual lifestyle and beliefs. This is an opportunity to gain clarity that will help you shift your perspective and habits in positive ways. 

What is involved in a Travel Insight Session? 

We’ll begin by reviewing your current relationships, habits, lifestyle, and concerns. As we move through each section of your life we’ll identify key questions that will help you process your relationships and life as you travel, taking into account the filters through which you habitually see the world.

In the end you’ll have a useful journal and meditation guide where each question is customized to your life, relationships, and goals based on where you are right now. The goal is to choose a select, few questions that are so relevant to both your life and your experiences while travelling that you’ll discover something new each time you consider them, even if you review the same question every day.

The second goal is not to overwhelm you with too many questions and distractions. You’ll need time to relax and enjoy yourself, too!

What if I don’t have time to journal during the trip? 

Even before working through the journal questions, the benefit of our session is that you will gain clarity and realize the value of your experiences and where you’re already moving forward in your daily life.

By choosing to be conscious of the opportunity for inner growth you’ll naturally benefit more from your trip than you would have otherwise. You can always journal your thoughts when you reach home again.

How much does a Travel Insight Session cost? 

Each session costs $70 (US) paid via PayPal. 

We’ll schedule a block of up to two hours via chat or phone to ensure you have plenty of time to really dig down into your life and discover the areas that are most likely to be clarified by the contrasts while traveling. After the session I’ll send you a one page PDF containing a list of questions to supplement your notes. 

Email is possible as well, if you prefer. If you choose this option I’ll work with you via email for five days. As you write your thoughts and experiences, I’ll respond with at least one email per day helping you sort through the possibilities to find the most useful and insightful questions. 

Note: I limit the availability of these sessions to ensure I have plenty of energy to focus on you. Please plan ahead and reserve your time in case my schedule is full.