Create Space to Be You!

Learn how to stand up for yourself against the pressure of family, friends, and culture.

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It can take time, determination, and new perspectives to learn the skills and insights that will set you free of bad habits, triggers, and fears.

Healthy new social and personal habits, strong relationships, and a resilient self image can be very difficult to create on your own. An empathetic, accepting, and supportive outside perspective can help speed up the process. 

I offer mentoring via email, chat, or phone. Contact me for more details.

If you have a growth mindset and always are looking for ways to improve yourself, you’ll probably enjoy working with me. I’m good at helping lift the pressure, reminding you of your positive traits, and showing you how to break ideas down by what is possible right now.

I can help you become aware of your mental and emotional patterns, then support you as you replace less helpful habits with new, supportive thought patterns and methods. You’ll begin to notice and replace false beliefs about yourself that may have developed amid hurtful relationships or via our flawed culture.

While most people come to me for help with a specific issue (depression, relationship troubles, etc.) the process can’t be restricted to just one part of your life. My methods tend to chase any problems down to the root, then back up the various branches into parts of your life you may not have realized were being affected. We humans aren’t as segmented as we believe at times.

In the end, you’ll come away with a set of practical social and inner tools you can use whenever life is difficult, and a greater confidence in your ability to remain resilient in the face of anything.

Over time you’ll have healthier relationships (because you’ll know yourself well enough to avoid many common types of misunderstandings) and you’ll learn how to manage your own triggers and hold solid boundaries without closing everyone out.

Thoughts from previous clients:

[Karen] is one of the people in which I have found my home, and I mean that as in “I, the entirety of me, feels safe with her,” which, for me, is saying a massive lot because I've never had getting close to people be an easy thing.

Instead of judging, she has a propensity to look for how to overcome; look for the grace in the situation. She's gone through her share of soul-tempering situations.... Living takes grace because the hardships of life are not just something to bear, they're a learning experience that can be just as beneficial to our personal growth as the good things.

Karen is one of my good things that help me through my hardships.


Thank you for being a part of my life and helping me through my triggers... you've honestly changed how I view the world and I'm a stronger person now. I'm really grateful for you.  Your approach and perspectives on the world and problems are so unique and effective. It comes natural to you. I'm happy that I've been able to give you business and build a relationship with you.


I felt like I had to open myself a lot and speak plainly, felt like I purged some things, like I puked a bunch of black stuff out of me. Sounds terrible but was very healthy. I'm glad you could draw that out of me-you have a very healing touch and presence.


develop the SKILLS to build healthier relationships

the STRENGTH to define your own identity

and the TOOLS to prioritize new habits

Request a free, 15 minute mentoring chat, call, or email exchange.

I work with a limited number of individuals each month because you deserve focused, energetic, and accessible support. When you email me please give me an idea of what times will work best for you & your time zone.

I am an LGBTQIA safe space:

You don’t have to choose between being yourself and being accepted.

If your current family, friends, or social structure are judging you, threatening to leave you, or have abandoned you, then I will support you as you learn how to set firm boundaries and begin to process and heal from your experiences. I’ll support you as you develop the perspective and skills to create a new, strong social network that accepts and appreciates you as you are.

I can help you find the inner freedom to accept yourself, set boundaries, and prioritize healthy relationships.  I’ll suggest various, practical tools to test and see which work best for you. When we’re through you’ll have a toolbox of habits and coping strategies to help you win against old fears and create new opportunities to improve your life.

Above all, I support your right to explore and understand your own identity, relationships, and attractions based on experience and growth through time. Nobody else gets to define or limit who you are, who you may share your life with, or what you feel. You get to choose the labels that communicate how you experience life most clearly and to notice when the words others use don’t fit. You define yourself.

Freely discuss experimental spirituality, agnosticism, and questioning your religion:
In spite of what some say, you can ask all the questions you’ve been struggling with and still be faithful to truth.

If you are being judged, condemned, or oppressed by religious leaders … or if you find the beliefs you’ve been taught by your family conflict with your integrity or have become destructive to your relationships, then I’m definitely someone you can safely talk to. I’ve been there myself, and I know what it’s like to face the loss of everything you’ve ever known in search of inner freedom and truth.

You can talk about past lives, esoteric experiences, what religions around the world have in common, and your own experimental process toward the truth with complete safety and freedom. I can suggest ways to safely explore new perspectives and approaches to life while still protecting your spiritual and physical health, relationships, and integrity.

I’m comfortable with the atheist perspective, too, even though I don’t share it myself. I respect your perceptions, perspective, and integrity.

The one area I can’t help with is submitting to inflexible religious beliefs, controlling relationships, or authoritarian demands. (Exception: I do offer suggestions on how to stay safe until you can find a healthier community.) I will not participate in reinforcing oppression even over those who are willing. My tendency to challenge beliefs you might feel must be “obeyed at all costs” is likely to inhibit the kind of vulnerability that is necessary to the mentoring process.

This same quality is why I’m perfect for anyone who desperately needs to challenge their beliefs in order to find emotional and spiritual stability.

Are you ready to explore your questions?